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Schaefer Quotation Request Form

Quotation request printout for a Client specific Power Supply (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC or AC/AC)

Project / Application information for Innovative Energy for SCHAEFER GmbH Products.

Contact information

Postal Code:
E-mail address: required field
Internet address:

Description of the requested product

1. Input Parameters

Input voltage range (in VAC):
Input voltage range (in VDC):

Inrush current limitation
Polarity protection
Remote switch on / off
Input voltage monitoring

EMV Requirements

EN 55022 Curve A Curve B
PFC: yes no

Isolation between input and output:
with Isolation Isolation voltage:
without Isolation
2. Output Parameters

DC Output
AC Output Frequency: 

Output: V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6
Nominal voltage [V]
Calibration range [V]
Nominal Power rating [W]
Nominal current [A]
Min. load current [A]
Peak current [A]
Duration time of peak current [s]

Remote switch on/off
Sense lead connection
Redundancy operation
Parallel operation
Series connection
Monitoring of output current

Isolation between the outputs: yes no
(If yes, Isolation for which outputs)
3. Environmental Conditions

Min. (Operational) Environmental temperature:
Max. (Operational) Environmental temperature:

(without output power reduction)

  Other cooling methods:

Option T (Tropical protection)
Option MS (Increased mechanical strength to withstand shock and vibration)
4. General Data

Input and output interface:
  H15 connector
  Terminal block
  Other type of interface

Enclosure type:  
  19" module
  Wall mounted
  Closed enclosure

Describe any other type non listed but required:

Dimensions (L x W x H in mm):
5. Project Information

Delivery of the first unit, the prototype:
Prototype evaluation (first production run):
Start of mass production:
Required yearly quantity:
Budgetary estimate for the mass production unit price:
Project name:


Are the specifications to be received in writing?
yes no

Further information to the Client specific Power Supply
(Please add any further information to the application here)

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