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Micro Processor Technology

Innovative Energies No-Break DC UPS systems and Smartchargers use onboard micro-controllers. Micro processor technology allows us to programme unique system parameters like battery condition test duraction, frequency and time intervals, and also means we can offer serial and ethernet communications with our power supplies.
The Innovative Energies range of  No-Break DC UPS systems and Smartchargers utilise the power and flexibility of on-board microcontrollers.  This enables many parameters to be programmed into the system, to suit the customer's unique applications. 
The No-Break DC UPS parameters which are programmable include:
  • Duration and frequency of the battery condition test
  • Battery detection time intervals
  • Whether to do further battery condition tests (BCT) after the system has failed one.
The latest SR-i No-Break DC UPS system is communication enabled, has five additional parameters which may be programmed and also the facility of being in-circuit programmable.
The Smartcharger range has 11 parameters which may be programmed into the microcontroller,  thus providing the utmost flexibility to suit a particular application.

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