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Our Flagship Products

Power Supply Units or No-Break DC UPS Systems
Helios Power Solutions No-Break DC UPS technology is a unique and comprehensive approach to providing uninterruptible and secure DC power when you need it and they are now available with Serial, Ethernet or SNMP communications options. The No-Break DC UPS system provides a vastly improved solution over the traditional methods of using a float charger plus a battery, by accurately charging with an independent current limit, so you cannot overload the charger or overheat the battery.
The No-Break DC UPS system is ideal for critical systems of 100W - 750W (above using parallel operation) and for applications requiring continuous online monitoring of battery and charger status.
Other features of our No-Break DC UPS system include:
  • Ability to remotely view power supply and battery condition data
  • Automatic or manual 'battery condition testing' to ensure availability of reliable standby power
  • Modbus RTU, HTTP & TCP, SNMP communications options
  • Configurable Software
  • Adjustable Load/Charge Ratio
  • Battery Detection to monitor the integrity of battery circuit on hourly basis
  • Battery Condition Testing, giving an indicative test of battery performance
    The Helios Power Solutions No-Break DC UPS system is able to automatically perform a battery condition test (BCT) at pre-set intervals. This feature is ideal for remote or automated sites and allows plant operators to minimise cost and to pre-empt battery failure. The system monitors the battery voltage during the BCT and if this voltage drops below a pre-set value, an alarm is generated. This critical feature gives operators enough warning to replace the faulty batteries before they are required, such as in a mains power failure.
    Helios Power Solutions SR100 No-Break DC UPS systems also comes with communications options in the SR100i model.

    Smart Chargers or Boost Chargers
    Helios Power Solutions Smart Battery Chargers or also known as Boost Chargers, are able to respond to the condition of a battery, modifying their charging actions accordingly. Our Smart Chargers are microprocessor controlled and allow for the maximum charge into your batteries to minimize the charge time. Boost mode allows for a high current, high voltage charging cycle, also allowing for the maximum charge into the battery in the shortest possible time. Float mode allows for the battery to be held at optimal voltage with a small trickle charge still being generated, to ensure that the battery is ready to when used.
    Other features of our Smart Chargers include:
    • Designed to charge both sealed and flooded lead-acid battery types
    • Come with temperature compensation to ensure that the correct voltage is applied to the battery, irrelevant of the ambient temperature
    • Provide fully automatic battery recovery in the shortest possible time
    • Includes with both 'boost' and 'float' mode
    A simple charger works by supplying a constant DC source to a battery being charged. The simple charger does not alter its output based on time or battery charge. This simplicity means that simple chargers are very cheap, although there is a trade-off in quality. A trickle charger is typically a low current battery charger, used to charge small capacity batteries.
    Helios Power Solutions smart chargers or boost chargers respond to the condition of the battery, modifying their charge accordingly.
    Helios Power Solutions smart chargers are microprocessor controled meaning that you'll bet the maximum charge into your battery in the shorttest possible time.

    An Inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Inverters have become a very popular method of supplying AC power for a wide variety of applications ranging from fixed installations with huge battery banks to simply powering a laptop or fax machine. Helios Power Solutions sells a comprehensive range of Inverters, customised to our customers requirements.
    Other features of our Inverters include:
    • DC input options: 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 220V, 400-500V
    • AC output options: 115V, 230V, 3x200W 3P, 3x400W 3P, 3x480W 3P
    • Industrial, Military and Telecommunications models from 200W to 9000W
    • Both panel mounted and rack mounted models available
     Innovative Energies distributes only the most reliable and proven inverter products, providing full after sales service and support where needed.
    Helios Power Solutions DC-AC Interters are of the highest quality, being sourced from Latronics and Schaefer.
    Schaefer's broad range of DC-AC Pur Sine Wave Inverters come with power ratings from 700W to 30kW.

    AC-DC Power Supplies
    Helios Power Solutions manufactures and distributes an extensive range of AC-DC power supplies including:
    • Switch mode single output power supplies
    • Switch mode modular output
    • Standalone bench-top power supplies
    • Linear design power supplies
    • Din rail, Rack mounted and PCB mounted power supplies
    • Semi enclosed power supplies
    • Open frame power supplies
    • Multiple output power supplies
    • Filtered variable output power supplies
    Other features of our Inverters include:
    • Power range between 100W - 750W
    • Robust industrial designs
    • Short circuit protected
    • LED indication and front panel controls
    • Alarms available as optional extra
    • Communications options available
    SR100 series of AC-DC Power Supplies range from 100W to 750W and come with communications options.
    stocks din rail, rack mounted and PCB mounted AC-DC power supplies
    DC-DC Converters / Voltage Converters
    Our voltage converters were the first product that Helios Power Solutions manufactured and we have gone on to design and produce many more thousands of these voltage converters to supply the global marketplace. Units of our own manufacture cover the 70W (IEXT) and 150W (IEHR) models, which are available to suit standard DC inputs from 12V-110V nominal and outputs of 12V to 55V. We have non-standard input and/or output voltages available upon request, with all of our converters fully isolated galvanically (double wound transformers) using modern switch mode technology. Helios Power Solutions are also exclusive agents for Schaefer's DC-DC Converters/Voltage Converters

    IEHR series of DC-DC Converters are world class products.

    Lab and Educational Power Supplies
    Helios Power Solutions produces and distributes laboratory power supply units for educational purposes, servicing sectors such as Medicine, Education, Aerospace and Defence. These units are designed for use in labs and classrooms and come available in standalone, wall mounted, panel mounted or rack mounted options. Specific units are able to be custom made for unique customers.
    Helios Power Solutions designs and manufactres laboratory power supplies used for educational purposes.

    Helios Power Solutions designs and manufactres laboratory power supplies used for educational purposes.

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