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Auckland Harbour Bridge 'Train' Project

Description: Helios Power Solutions were enlisted to design, manufacture and supply the boost chargers, used for charging the electric train that is used in the maintenance of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions supplied the 750 boost charger (smart charging systems) that powers the train.
'PSU & Distribution Panel' Project
Description: A major Auckland based water utility company enlisted Helios Power Solutions to design and supply both the power supplies and distribution panels, to hold their input and output breakers. The input and output breakers are key to the protection of the power supplies and load.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions designed and supplied 2U 250-watt and 500-watt, 13.8-volt DC rectifier racks, with inbuilt alarms and Modbus protocol communications. In the design phase we work alongside Rodgers Hulston & White to design the racks exactly to Watercare Systems requirements.
Schaefer 7kVA Power Supply for Airport Application
  • Field of application: Security checkpoints at Airports
  • Wide input voltage range: 208-400VAC
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • 4U plug-in module.  
Schaefer Battery Charger System for Highly Demanding Environment
  • Parallel operation of several modules of C5898V-s within cabinet
  • Protection category: IP42
  • Tropical protection
  • Digital measuring instruments on the doors
  • MTBF: approx. 70.000h @ 40°C.  
Schaefer Integrated Switch Mode Power Supply
  • KTA 3507 certified
  • Reactor core temperature evaluation
  • High level of reliability, redundant fault tolerant capability
  • 19" designed rack mechanical solution
  • Enhanced mechanical design
  • Programmable output parameters through client interface. 

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