Last Updated: Monday, 22 September 2014
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New to Innovative Energies is 'Remote Device Management' using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This functionality comes with our new SR... LAN+ range of No-Break DC UPS Power Supplies and AC-DC Power Supplies.   The SNMP software embedded in the power supply allows users to control and monitor their power supplies remotely from any communication device connected to the Internet.
Typical screenshots showing the power supply operating parameters are here.
Upgrade Firmware here.  
MIB files used for interpreting the variables used in the SNMP software may also be updated and the latest versions are located  here.
The five No-Break DC UPS Power Supplies that come optional with SNMP technology are: SR100i, SR250i, SR500i, SR750i and SR250V.

The four AC-DC Power Supplies that come optional with SNMP technology are: SR100L, SR250L, SR500L and SR750L.
User manuals are available here.

SNMP Visual Overview & 3 Levels of back up including Redundancy
Protocols that are known to be used and are working correctly with SNMPV1 are:

-  Telnet
-  FTP

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